Postpartum Support


Night Support:

  • 1 prenatal visit - 1.5- 2 hour visit at your home allowing us to get to know each other, talk about your postpartum plan and needs

  • 8 hour shifts from 10 pm-6 am

  • Non-judgmental, uplifting support through the nighttime parenting experience

  • help with breast/chest/bottle feedings

  • help with laundry and cleaning pump parts and baby bottles. I am happy to do some light house cleaning but it is important that I not make too much noise as the hope is for everyone to be getting as much sleep as possible!

  • changing baby, soothing baby back to sleep

  • baby wearing help/demos

  • snack preparation if desired

  • calm and reassuring presence and a listening ear

Fee: $360 per night or $2040 for 6 nights

*Please inquire about sliding scale or payment plans